Telenita Helpline

AWAM provides services tailored to address the immediate needs of victims of violence. There are two types of services that we provide:

    gender-based violence, and
  • FREE LEGAL INFORMATION based on the victim’s unique circumstances

The TELENITA helpline began as an outreach project to help women in crisis who did not know where to go to find out information or identify the necessary steps to take in order to remove themselves from a harmful or violent environment. When we began this initiative in 1990, it involved para-counselors dispensing advice and support to victims of violence. However, in September 1994, we decided to add on additional services in the form of legal information and this was made possible through a partnership with the Legal Aid Clinic at the Bar Council.

To learn more about how the Services sector started at AWAM, visit Telenita: How we started

Answering Common Questions

Do you have questions about our services?

Here are some commonly asked questions  about our services – particularly on PRIVACY, who can become our CLIENTS (Are men included?), and more.


Supporting Survivors

We’re often asked how you can help a friend or family member you suspect is being abused.

Your support is an immeasurable source of encouragement and confidence to a friend in need. You can ease the isolation and loss of control by listening, providing information and helping your friend to explore their options.


how you can help


The most dangerous time for survivors is when they attempt to leave a dangerous situation and/ or toxic relationship. Here, we have listed some steps that you may want to take o protect yourself.


Directory of Services

To victims and survivors outside the Klang Valley (Lembah Klang), here is a list of service providers (counselling, one-stop crisis centres, legal aid and shelters) that can help.

  • Counselling Services in Malaysia
  • One stop crisis centre
  • Legal Aid
  • Shelters
see directories

If you have any further questions or you would like to book an appointment, send your queries to