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Volunteer in our Advocacy Working Committee!

Why apply?

As a volunteer, you get to be part of our journey in creating impacts to society. As AWAM works with and lobbies various stakeholders ranging from ministers, corporations, education institutions, you get to gain first-hand exposure in how we run our background work in meeting our stakeholders’ expectations

Work Structure:

There are many Working Committees (“WC”) in AWAM and each will be in charge of a separate area and the Advocacy Working Committee is one of the WCs which leads the advocacy work of AWAM. The scope of this WC includes managing the image and branding of AWAM, increasing the outreach of AWAM, curating content for advocacy in promoting gender equality. WIthin this WC consists of sub-departments, which includes design, advocacy, research and copywriting, all of which will contribute to AWAM’s advocacy materials which will be perused by the public as well as our stakeholders. 

You will be reporting directly to the Council Member(s) in charge of the WC. Any matters relating your welfare shall be communicated to the said Council Member(s). You might be assigned to a certain project, depending on your preference and will work hand-in-hand with AWAM’s staff, Council Members, and other volunteers.

This volunteer application is only for the Advocacy WC and volunteers are allowed to choose their preference of the sub-department.

Details for each sub-department

Please find below the details of application for each sub-department under the Advocacy Working Committee.

A. Design

Roles and Responsibilities
Skills & Qualification
Supporting Documents for Application

B. Advocacy Planning & Strategising

Roles and Responsibilities
Skills & Qualification

C. Research

Roles and Responsibilities
Skills & Qualification
Supporting Documents for Application

D. Copywriting

Roles and Responsibilities
Skills & Qualification
Supporting Documents for Application


All volunteering positions involve a commitment of 5-7 hours per week for 3 months.


Application flow:

Your application as a volunteer under the Advocacy Working Committee will be in accordance to the following steps:-

  • 1st Round – Application by Google Form;
  • 2nd Round – Interview.

The result of the application will be updated to you via the email you provide us in the Application Google Form within 7 working days from the day of the interview. You will be required to go through a briefing and training on AWAM’s work SOP as well as the SOPs of the Advocacy Working Committee. 

Extensions of volunteering period are allowed subject to approval of AWAM. Volunteers will also receive a certificate from AWAM for the completion of volunteering period.

For those who are underage (below 18), we will require your parents/guardian’s contact number. Moreover, we will provide a consent form for the parents/guardians to sign.



To apply, please complete the application form (https://forms.gle/91ZbaAfHSk98d28s7) by the deadline above.


Further queries:

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at council2224@gmail.com.