Sharing from previous interns

My internship at AWAM was an incredible one. For someone like me who loves to be involved in everything that comes my way and develop myself as much as I can, AWAM could not be a more suitable environment for me to do so. Through attending networking events, observing training of trainers workshops, facilitating talks, and creating as well as adapting content on women’s issues, I was able to also appreciate the importance of women’s issues and to some extent, resonate with them, which I never expected.

The inclusive work climate and the rapport established among everyone are also gold, with everyone consistently looking out for one another. The 3 months spent here were too, too short — nevertheless, it was a meaningful experience, as I really felt that I was actively learning about and contributing to the feminism cause, and to be valued for doing so as well as generally as a person.


Jernell Tan

Period: May-July 2019

Applying to be an Intern


Advocacy and Research

Counselling Practicum

  Who can apply

  • Pre-university students
  • Undergraduate students
  • Fresh graduates students

Students undergoing their Masters in Counselling practicum, who will be assigned as Intern Counselors in our counselling centre

  How to apply

Please send the Manager at the following:

  1. Cover letter that addresses the following:
    • Why you want to work with AWAM
    • What you hope to gain from the internship
    • What you believe you can offer AWAM, referencing the areas
      of work listed on this page
    • Proposed dates/duration of your internship
  2.  Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Writing sample: A 200-250 essay on what you think or how you feel about patriarchy, feminism, women’s rights or any other issue you are passionate about. This will allow have to understand you a bit better.

Please send a cover letter and resume/CV to the Services Coordinator at

Length of

 3 months

No minimum requirement

scope of work

  • Assist in day-to-day running of the organization
  • Assist the Program Officers
  • Conduct research as required
  • Assist in organizing and (hu)manning events
  • Other tasks, as required (Example: Reorganizing a stationary cabinet)


While we would like to offer a small stipend, at the moment, we are not financially able to do so.


Please submit your CV, cover letter and writing sample via email to

Please note that we may take up to 2 weeks to respond to your internship application. For further clarification, please call us at 03-7877-4221.