“My internship at AWAM was an incredible one. For someone like me who loves to be involved in everything that comes my way and develop myself as much as I can, AWAM could not be a more suitable environment for me to do so.”

– Excerpt, Jernell’s Internship Experience (2019)

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We are looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers to assist us in multiple areas, namely research, visual design and in  assisting with logistical matters such as helping out in the office or setting up public education booths at special events.

Despite our size, we have big plans on bringing Malaysia a step closer to our vision of a society where all forms of discrimination against all people but especially women; and gender-based violence, no longer exists.



At AWAM, we recognize that women have been largely excluded from decision-making positions in their daily lives. AWAM is that alternative space where women call the shots, make decisions and ultimately determine the direction of the organization. As such, women hold decision-making powers at AWAM.


If you would like to join AWAM, please drop an email to and we will furnish you with further information.