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Position – Programme Officer, Services

Key Responsibilities

  1. To coordinate the Services programme.
  2. To develop substantive capacity on the issues that AWAM advocate, in order to conduct or facilitate talks, workshops, and other public education events for AWAM.
  3. To support AWAM’s advocacy work, networking, communications and fundraising activities when necessary.


Detailed description of responsibilities

  1. Services – Legal Aid Clinic (LAC) and Counselling

To coordinate and implement AWAM’s Services Programme. This includes the following:-

1.1 Committee: Coordinating the meetings of the Services Committee and ensuring that the agenda and minutes of each meeting is prepared and in order;

1.2 Programme: Implement AWAM’s Services Programme as follows:

  1. Implementation of Services work in accordance to plans and budget;
  2. Update Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in a timely manner and ensuring that chambering pupils, intern counsellors, and other volunteers in the department adhere to them.
  3. Legal Aid: Coordinate:
  4. Communications with the KL and Selangor LAC.
  5. LAC/ NGO trainings, mid-term reviews and briefings for pupils.

iii. Monthly statistics for the KL and Selangor LAC.

  1. Data entry of yearly statistics for the AWAM Annual Report.
  2. Monitor the work of the pupils to ensure it is consistent with AWAM’s values.
  3. Counselling:
  4. Liaise with relevant universities for counselling interns,
  5. Interview applicants for counselling internships,

iii. Supervise and regular check-ins with intern counsellors, and with their supervisors.

  1. Social Work
  2. Liaise with relevant universities and associations for social work interns,
  3. Interview applicants for social work internships,

iii. Supervise and regular check-ins with social work interns, and with their supervisors.

  1. Case studies & data analysis: Work with chambering pupils, intern counsellors, social work interns, Programme and Operations Manager, Communications Officer, and other volunteers to track and produce statistics, to analyse those statistics, and to produce case studies and other materials which can be used to support AWAM’s advocacy and public education work.
  2. Case management: Develop an action plan for cases that require either legal, counselling or social work interventions, or a combination of the interventions.

1.3 Explore and suggest new areas that may enhance the programme.

1.4 Any other ad hoc work related to services.


  1. Public Education Training (PET)

2.1 To develop substantive capacity on the issues that AWAM advocates, in order to conduct or facilitate talks, workshops and other public education events for AWAM. Said issues include: Gender Based Violence (GBV), Sexual Harassment, Patriarchy, CEDAW, gender sensitisation and leadership.

2.2 To coordinate (or support coordination of) talks/ trainings/ workshops, including mobilisation where necessary, on said issues.

2.3 To assist with public education campaigns and awareness events, when requested.


  1. Advocacy and Networking

To support AWAM’s overall advocacy and networking work. This includes:

3.1 Building and strengthening of relationships with state and non-state actors in advancing AWAM’s advocacy work. This includes attending and/ or coordinating advocacy/ networking meetings and activities.

3.2 Participating in advocacy efforts with AWAM’s partners and coalitions, such as the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG), Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance of Malaysia (RRAAM), etc.

3.3 Assist in the planning and coordination of advocacy campaigns.

3.4 Attend or assist with any other advocacy meetings and events in line with AWAM’s strategic priorities.


  1. Communications and Fundraising

To support AWAM’s communication and fundraising where necessary. This includes:

4.1 Documenting – photos and reports – of relevant sections of the LAC and Counselling (note:- this does not include confidential matters or items – like clients and personal case information).

4.2 Documenting – photos and reports – of events, meetings, workshops, etc. in the event the Communications Officer is unable to do so.

4.3 Support the Communications Officer in sending out regular tweets, updating FB pages, writing content for website and annual report.

4.4 Campaigns: Implementation of fundraising campaigns and activities according to plans and budget, in collaboration with the rest of the staff.

4.5 Donors: Researching and sourcing for new funders and funding opportunities, including corporate social responsibility and grants, in collaboration with the Manager. This includes fielding queries regarding fundraising drives initiated by corporates, colleges and/or individuals;

4.6 Database: Developing, updating and maintaining a donor database, together with the rest of the staff.

4.7 Any other activities and work relating to fundraising for AWAM.


  1. Interns

Together with the Manager and other staff, to supervise and mentor interns and volunteers. This includes supervising the work of an intern, especially where it falls under this portfolio.


  1. Administrative & Finance

6.1 Establish (if not already established) and update budgets for LAC and Counselling programme of work, working with the Programme and Operations Manager, and Finance and Administration Manager.

6.2 To work closely with the Treasurer and Finance and Administration Manager to ensure that all programmes are within budget.

6.3 To track any expenditures above RM5, 000.00 and highlight this to the relevant Committee, and Finance & Administration Manager.

6.4 To monitor and inform with Programme and Operations Manager/ Finance and Administration Manager/ Treasurer when budget has been exceeded or underutilised and to submit for approval, if necessary, to the Working Committee.


  1. Organisational/ Office Meetings

To attend/ assist in the following meetings/ events:

7.1 Working Collective Meetings,

7.2 Staff Meetings

7.3 Relevant committee meetings,

7.4 Evaluation and Planning/ Strategic Planning meetings, and Retreat;

7.5 Fundraising events and meetings,

7.6 Major events such as the White Ribbon Campaign, International Women’s Day, 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, and any events that may be identified;

7.7 Any other ad hoc meetings related to AWAM’s work, as requested.


  1. Others

To observe the following:

8.1 To undertake any other tasks that may be assigned from time to time;

8.2 To practise values of AWAM and promote positive work culture;

8.3 To ensure cleanliness of AWAM Centre and its surroundings at all times;

8.4 Explore and suggest new areas that may enhance any aspect of AWAM’s programme of work.


To apply for this vacancy, please email us your cover letter and resume/CV to by 15 January 2022