Nisha Sabanayagam

Nisha has been working with non-profits since 2008, starting off as a humanitarian aid worker with MERCY Malaysia, working on emergency and relief projects in various countries. She is experienced in training stakeholders of various levels, from local villagers to high ranking government officials with topics ranging from disaster and humanitarian aid response to monitoring and evaluation to the international code of conduct, and of late, sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond and gender equality.

Working with such a wide variety of stakeholders and training said stakeholders in different countries ( ranging from India and Bangladesh to the UK and Switzerland), she has developed the ability to switch her training styles to fit the crowd. Her skills come from her ability to explain technical jargon in layman’s terms and she easily switches from English to Bahasa Malaysia if the occasion calls for it. Interacting with the audience members/participants comes very naturally to her, given her outgoing nature, and she is always happy to stick around after her training sessions to engage with participants on a one to one basis.

Her international exposure has also allowed her to learn first-hand about violence against women on a global level and especially in emergency and disaster settings and as a result of this experience, she often tries to incorporate learning or experiences of different countries into her training topics. Thus participants get not just a local perspective, but also an international viewpoint on issues like Sexual Harassment and gender issues. As Programme and Operations Manager of AWAM, Nisha leads the organization in spearheading programs that focus on (i) supporting victims and survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), (ii) public education and outreach (iii) advocacy for better policies for women and the Rakyat as a whole.