Press Statements

This page contains AWAM and JAG press statements. AWAM statements in the news can be found at our Newsroom. For AWAM’s presence on other media, do check out AWAM in the Media.


AWAM’s Statements

AWAM’s Statement on Male Feminist - 20 January 2014
There are no a male feminists or female feminists. Feminism is an ideology. Anyone who embraces this ideology is a feminist.

AWAM’s Statement on Women’s Political Participation - 10 January 2014
It is important that women are seen in decision making and political positions. The appointment of women in such positions is a positive first step towards ensuring that more women participate in the political scene.

JAG Statements

JAG letter to the Editor on A woman’s right to choose her clothing - 21 January 2014
Last week, various news organisations reported that a primary school teacher in Kota Tinggi, Johor was told by the school board to remove her tudung, or headscarf, if she wanted to continue teaching at the school.

AG spoof ceremony recognising sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia wins international contest - 29 January 2013

COMANGO’s Statements

Reprisals against COMANGO is contrary to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review process - 13 January 2014
The Coalition of Malaysian NGOs in the UPR Process (COMANGO) strongly denounces the continuing harassment and reprisals against it.

The Coalition of Malaysian NGOs in the UPR Process (COMANGO) is shocked and perturbed that the Secretary General of the Home Ministry of Malaysia has declared COMANGO, through a media statement on 8 January 2014, an “unlawful organization” (“pertubuhan haram”) without attaching a gazetted order by the Home Minister to that effect.

Statements endorsed by AWAM

A National Disgrace if Taib Mahmud is appointed as Sarawak’s Head of State - 17 February 2014

Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) Endorses The Private Member’s Bill On The Social Inclusion Act 2014 - 24 February 2014



AWAM issued 11 statements in 2013:
1. AWAM Statement regarding the burning of bibles with the word “Allah” – 26 January
2.  AWAM Statement on Women’s Candidacy at the GE13 – 3 April
3.  AWAM’s Statement on Women’s Political Participation – 3 April
4. AWAM’s Letter to the Editor on Women’s Candidates – Diversity in Representation – 22 April
5. AWAM Rejects Ethnic Politics and Embraces Diversity – 10 May
6.  AWAM’s Statement on the Legal Status of Abortion – 29 May
7.  AWAM’s Statement regarding JAG’s Online Petition to end Child Marriage – 19 June
8.  AWAM’s Response to SUKMA Rape case – 6 July
9. Response to Rantau Panjang’s MP’s comments on Women’s Dressing – 11 July
10. AWAM response on flexible working arrangement for women – 28 October
11. AWAM’s statement on Domestic Violence against Men – 9 November

The 2013 AWAM statements can be downloaded here. 


AWAM issued 13 statements in 2012: 
1)   Rising number of snatch thefts – April
2)   Whether there is a need for a sexual offenders registry – June
3)   How NGOs raise funds and yet maintain their independence – July
4)   Use of pre-nuptial agreements to safeguard women – Aug
5)   The directive by police to clothe women detained in anti-vice raids in robes – Aug 6)   Sentencing decisions of recent statutory rape cases – Aug
7)   Rising number of robberies in car parks targeting women – June
8)   The Education Ministry’s endorsement of gay guidelines – Sept
9)   Introducing and Using Victim Impact Statements in Court – Sept
10)  Provision of Mandatory Sentencing for Convicted Rapists – Oct
11)  Provision of Prescribing Mandatory Jail Sentences for Convicted Rapists – Oct
12)  High Court overturning Session Court’s decision on jailing of rapist – Nov
13)  Setting up of NGO to support men accused of violence: Man Aid Force – Dec

The 2012 AWAM statements can be downloaded here.

JAG, a coalition of non-governmental organisations of which AWAM is a part, issued 15 statements in 2012:
1) Jail sentence not way to reduce baby-dumping – Feb 5
2) Right of Pregnant Women to Work – Feb 7
3) Anti-Ambiga posters: Attacks against women human rights defenders – Feb 24
4) Lynas – March 6
5) Guppy, equal retirement age – March 23
6) On Najib’s role as Women’s Minister – April 10
7) Kedah’s New Fatwa Ruling Equates Man’s Word to God – April 19
8) Malaysia’s questionable process of law reform – May 14
9) Gender stereotypes in the media – June 29
10) On attacks against Ambiga – June 29
11) JAG urges Judiciary to Clarify the Noor Afizal Azizan judgement – August 10 2) Consider needs and perspectives of our young – August 30
13) Not a routine investigation (SUARAM) – September 24
14) On PM’s ‘no need for women’s groups’ – October 2
15) More consultation in rape laws – October 18

The 2012 JAG statements can be downloaded here.


AWAM Resilient Despite Attacks Since March 2012, a few individuals and their friends have attempted, through a series of increasingly threatening actions and words, to disrupt activities and events organised or co-organised by AWAM. AWAM’s responses to these are set out at the Media Enquiries page.