AWAM’s White Ribbon Run IS BACK!


Registration for our White Ribbon Run 2016 is OFFICIALLY OPEN. Join us on November 27th to mark your commitment to creating a safe, violence-free society for women and girls. ‪#‎WhiteRibbonMY‬


The White Ribbon Campaign is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equality, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

Through the White Ribbon Campaign, AWAM hopes to provide a platform where men can break their silence and proactively engage on the issue of violence against women. AWAM believes that men and boys must be part of the solution to end gender-based violence.

For more information, please contact Lochna at 03-7877-4221 or

Feminist Friday #6: “I’m Not Like Other Girls” – Dissecting Internalised Sexism


“I don’t like that movie, it’s a chick flick.”

“Ew! Pink is so girly!”

“I don’t wear make up. I like being real.”

Heard statements like this before?

When we think of sexism, we often think about how external factors oppress women. However, we don’t realise the role that we ourselves may play in perpetuating sexist messages and stereotypes.

Can women be sexist to other women? How does it affect the way we perceive each other?

Join Tara and Evie on 19th August (Friday) 8.00 – 10.00 pm at AWAM Centre for an interactive and open discussion on internalised sexism and the ways in which we can address and deal with it.

RSVP to Yong Yi at gbv.programs.awam[at] by 18 June 2016 (Thursday).

For a more conducive discussion, there will be a cut off time of 8.30pm. Light refreshments will be served.

White Ribbon Public Forum 2016


The White Ribbon Public Forum is makes a SEQUEL! Last year, we talked about ‘Power, Privilege and Permission’, especially in the ways that social norms and structures place women in a vulnerable position to violence, abuse and discrimination.

This year, we will be talking about Gender-based Violence and Gender Equality. The UN coined the term ‘planet 50-50′ to talk about gender equality. Another statistic suggested that Gender INequality is costing the world economy trillions in USD. But the question that AWAM wants to discuss is: How does gender equality impact YOU?

To find out, join us at the the White Ribbon Public

Malaysia: Impian Wanita Hari Ini



The Malaysia Women Dream Of - One-day OST

The 31st August and 16th September are important dates for Malaysians – these are the dates that we remember and celebrate our nation, and to reflect upon what it means to be citizens and members of a nation that was founded to be democratic, diversive, progressive, moderate and just.

However, our dreams of such a nation seem just that – a dream.

Are you tired of the spiraling state of this nation? Are you needing a deep, rich conversation with others like you who hold a feminist version of a just and truly democratic society?

AWAM’s Membership Development Committee is hosting a one-day Open Space event to create space for the sort of conversations you long to have.

Join us at the PJ Community Library on 20 August 2016, from 9AM to 5:30PM (Registration starts at 8:30AM) to engage in high-participatory conversations about The Malaysia Women Dream of.

Register before the 16th August 2016 @

AWAM’s Feminist Friday (July) — (Un)fair & Lovely: Body Image and Beauty Standards

Feminist Friday 5 Poster

“Wah, you really lost weight ah!” “Don’t go out into the sun, later you get dark.” “You eat so much, how to find a husband next time?”

Who gets to be “beautiful,” and why? In our Malaysian societies, many of us are raised to believe in and work towards a narrow set of ideas about how we are supposed to look. These ideas — deeply shaped by Westernisation — influence our relationships with our bodies and ourselves, and our relationships with each other.

What does it take to treat our bodies with more self-acceptance and kindness? Can we dream up a world beyond current standards of “beautiful?”

This is an interactive, creative session that reflects on our ideas about body image and beauty standards, where these ideas come from, their ties to systems of power, and where to go from here. We will make art, tell stories and consider the ways in which we treat our bodies.

Join us for a reflective evening this Friday, 15th July, 8:00-10:00p.m. at AWAM with co-facilitators Amanda Jeysing and Amanda Ng Yann Chwen.

RSVP to Yong Yi at gbv.programs.awam[at] by Thursday, 14th July 2016.

For a more conducive session, please arrive at 8:00pm sharp. Participants arriving past 8:30p.m. will not be able to join the session.

Light refreshments will be served.