Making Space For Women in Sports

Date: 4-6 November 2019
Attended by Lilian Kok and Purani Mogan

In the 3 days at the Bengkel Pembentukan Pelan Tindakan Wanita Dalam Sukan organised by the Youth and Sports Ministry, various stakeholders from the industry, as well as the Ministries, were given the opportunity to discuss the promotion of Malaysian Women in Sports.

The issue here was to identify the challenges that prevent women from participating in sports and to come up with strategies to increase women’s participation.

According to a survey done by the Ministry, among the concerns of women that hold them back from sports are:
1. Safety in facility
2. Sporting attire
3. Female coaches A few programs would require collaborations with NGOs to reach out to women. All suggestions and plans resulting from the group discussions will be submitted to the Secretary-General of the Ministry on the 15th.