Wanita Suara Perubahan

Wanita Suara Perubahan

An umbrella body of 41 civil society organisations and 6 political parties, Wanita Suara Perubahan was initiated by JAG in the lead up to International Women’s Day 2012 to remind the government that women make up a sizable voting bloc and that we would use this political voice to demand change, to push for clean and democratic governance at every level. Wanita Suara Perubahan has 6 specific demands, which are:

  1. A government free of corruption
  2. A decent living wage
  3. A better quality of life
  4. An end to gender-based violence
  5. Repeal of the peaceful assembly act
  6. Free and fair elections

For more information on these demands, read the manifesto here.

On March 8, 2012, International Women’s Day, members of Wanita Suara Perubahan had a public gathering in Brickfields and took the opportunity to speak with the press and to mail copies of the manifesto together with a pair of gloves symbolising the call for clean government to members of each state assembly in the country. We followed this up with a visit to Parliament on March 13 to hand more manifestos and gloves out, this time to the MPs. You can see a video of that event here. And on March 18, 4000 to 5000 persons (the vast majority of them women) marched the streets of Petaling Jaya, singing and chanting and clapping for change before gathering at Padang Astaka for speeches from the organising team, an orang asli woman, and a female politician, and more singing, chanting, and dancing. See our photos from that day here.

To find out more about Wanita Suara Perubahan and what’s coming next, please visit the Facebook page or get in touch via Twitter (@wanitasuperMY).

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