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Kelantan gang-rape: What were those men thinking? – Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (Malay Mail Online) 3 June 2014

LETTER: Kelantan Gang Rape – What were those men thinking? ( 3 June 2014

AWAM: Redefine ‘rape’ for better protection ( 24 May 2014

Aiyoh… Wat Lah did you just say?! Part 3 ( 30 Apr 2014

FZ in support of Ikal Mayang – Unspoken Truths: N/A, A Girl is Half ( 10 Mar 2014

MPs urged to address problems of poverty, inequality and marginalisation (Rakyat Times) 6 March 2014

Domestic Violence victims need protection ( Free Malaysia Today) 19 February 2014

Face to Face with Ivy Josiah: Women NGOs a crucial part of civil rights ( 17 Feb 2014

‘Aiyoh… Wat Lah?!’ get international recognition ( 3 Feb 2014

Viewpoint: A woman’s right to choose her clothing ( 22 Jan 2014


IN BRIEF: Ending violence against women (New Straits Times) 24 December 2013

NGO seeks male support to end violence against women (The Star Online) 23 December 2013

Video on Domestic Violence launched (The Star Online) 21 December 2013

3,000 run and walk for women ( The Star – Central Metro) 12 December 2013

Age of sexual violence victims becomes younger (SinChew Daily) 9 December 2013

Life is a Choice (The Malay Mail Active – Weekly Runner) 3 December 2013 

Monitor your kids, parents urged (The Star) 2 December 2013

Penans: We will sue if government ignores demands (Free Malaysia Today) 21 November 2013

Stop violence against women, girls (The Star) 18 November 2013

Bantuan percuma beri kehidupan baru (Harian Metro) 26 October 2013

As peer review nears, NGOs hopeful Putrajaya will meet rights pledges ( The Malay Mail) 24 October 2013

Stop violence against women, girls (The Star Online) 18 November 2013

Spreading awareness to stop violence against women (The Star) 12 October 2013

Child marriages also affect other communities (The Star) 6 October 2013

Stress and rising cost of living lead to rise in violence (The Star)  17 August 2013

Our view on the recent domestic violence videos – AWAM (The Malaysian Insider)  16 August 2013 

Domestic Violence Act already protects men — Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (The Malay Mail Online) 6 August 2013

Domestic Violence Act already protects men (The Sun Daily) 6 August 2013

Selangor’s 30pct women’s quota a step the right way (Malaysiakini) 31 July 2013

NGOs: Expedite efforts to improve Penan livelihood (Malaysiakini) 18 June 2013

Sarawak’s Penans still left in lurch (Free Malaysia Today) 18 June 2013

Aye to repeal law (Malay Mail) 3 June 2013

‘Aiyo… Wat Lah?!’ you said and did? ( 28 May 2013

Aiyo…Wat Lah?! Awards 2013 ‘honour’ the sexist, homophobic (Astro Awani) 27 May 2013

Female ministers short of 30 per cent minimum (The Malay Mail)
 20 May 2013

Malaysian society remains male dominated (NST) 19 May 2013

Too few women in Cabinet (The Star) 18 May 2013

Group rues shortage of women minister (Free Malaysia Today) 17 May 2013

AWAM Rejects Play on Racial Sentiments (FMT) 10 May 2013

GE13: Joint Action Group for Gender Equality promotes women’s rights through election video (The Star)   29 April 2013

GE13: Come out and vote, says NGO (The Star) 26 April 2013  

Women Candidates: Ensure women’s voices are heard (NST) 22 April 2013

Women Must Seek Bigger Political Role (NST) 5 April 2013

GE13: PAS leader rapped over remark (The Star) 4 April 2013 

Most sexist Nominees Revealed (The Sun) 18 March 2013

Aiyoh… Wat Lah?! awards return (Selangor Times) 15 March 2013

NGOs list their demands for General Election Candidates (The Star) 7 March 2013

Make marital rape a crime (The Star) 6 February 2013

Politicians told to stop fanning hatred (NST) 26 January 2013

No one deserves to be battered (Malaysiakini) 9 January 2013 


Women’s groups laud proposed changes (The Star) 27 November 2012

Probe on SUARAM not a routine investigation (Malaysia-Chronicle) 26 September 2012

Family: Help stop the abuse (NST) 21 October 2012

Frank and factual approach (The Star)  9 September 2012

Women’s groups welcome plan (The Star) 14 July 2012

Malaysia’s questionable process of law reform (Malaysiakini) 15 May 2012

Kedah’s new fatwa ruling equates man’s word to God (TMI) 20 April 2012

SMSL: Soi Lek has the scientific facts – Lynas (FMT) 22 March 2012


AWAM Resilient Despite Attacks
Since March 2012, a few individuals and their friends have attempted, through a series of increasingly threatening actions and words, to disrupt activities and events organised or co-organised by AWAM. AWAM’s responses to these are set out at the Media Enquiries page.