Volunteer or Intern

AWAM relies on the strength of our volunteers to assist with our campaigns, fundraisers, and other events as and when these arise.

Want To Volunteer?

We greatly appreciate volunteers helping us in one or more of the following areas:

  • Upkeep of AWAM’s resource library
  • Updating our membership lists
  • Event documentation (written and AV)

Volunteer positions are unpaid.

Please contact Yong Yi at gbv.programs.awam@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer with us

Want To Intern?

We provide internship opportunities for:

  • Pre-university and university students as well as for fresh graduates.
  • Post-graduate students with areas of research related to AWAM’s work can submit proposals for research work while at AWAM.
  • Counselors who will be attached to our counselling center. Intern counselors must be students undergoing their Masters in Counselling.

Full-time interns will receive a small monthly stipend to cover transportation costs.

Please contact the manager at awam@awam.org.my if you would like to intern with us,