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2016 Events

16 January 2016: AWAM’s Member Orientation


Nine participants attended AWAM’s first orientation of the year.We shared our organisation’s background and provided participants with an idea of why we the work we do along with a session for participants to discuss their thoughts about feminism and gender.

29-31 January 2016: AWAM’s Second Feminist Camp


Once again using the highly participatory known as Open Space Technology, the 60 participants enjoyed a three-day long discussion and camaraderie where they explored issues related to achieving equality and changing the lives of the marginalised, as well as delved into how gender effects the issues of sexuality, class, ethnicity and religion. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS.

26 February 2016: Feminist Friday #1: The Emotional Woman – Myth, Reality or Pathology?


Our first Feminist Friday of the year looked at the assumptions that exist about women and their emotions, what are the differences in these assumptions between men and women, and what are the impacts of these assumptions.

22 April 2016: Feminist Friday #2: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Most Feminist Of Them All?


This was the second Feminist Friday organised this year which discussed the portrayal of female Disney villains and the feminist debate concerning the representations on women in Disney films.

20 May 2016: Feminist Friday #3: #FreeKesha – Supporting Sexual Assault Survivors


The third Feminist Friday centered on discussions about how we can contribute to individuals who have encountered sexual assault as well as how we can, as a society, start taking bigger steps towards creating better support systems for survivors.

17 June 2016: Feminist Friday #4: Let’s Talk About Sex, Contraception and Abortion In Malaysia”


The fourth Feminist Friday which was facilitated by Wei San and Dr. Subatra provided a space for each individual to think deeply about key messages they received growing up around issues related to contraception and abortion which continued to affect them today.

15 July 2016: Feminist Friday #5: Beauty Standards, Body Image, and Colorism
Feminist Friday #5
During this Feminist Friday event. participants made art, exchanged stories and considered the ways in which they treat their bodies. They examined their personal experiences with body image and beauty standards, thought about the root causes of body negativity, and reflected on how to build kinder relationships with their bodies and with each other.

16 July 2016: PER Political Economy, Islam, Women Talk
per-photoAWAM’s PER Committee held a session on Political Economy, Islam, Women in Malaysia. The session looked at Malaysia’s economic policies and politicised Islam, local and international events that have shaped current socio-economic and political structures and practices in this country, as well as discussed how these have impacted on the lives of Malaysians, in particular, women. 

21 July 2016: White Ribbon Press Conference
White Ribbon Campaign-Press ConferenceAWAM held its first press conference for the upcoming White Ribbon Run. The importance of the role of men in the fight against gender-based violence was highlighted, as well as what AWAM hopes to achieve with this campaign. This year AWAM will be holding the White Ribbon Run for the 4th Year, and the campaign will be held in partnership with the High Commission of Canada in Malaysia. 

19 August 2016: Feminist Friday #6: Internalised Sexism


AWAM’s final Feminist Friday event of the year focused on the topic of Internallsed Sexism. 15 participants attended and examined their own beliefs and thoughts on women and feminism that had been ingrained into them from a young age by society, as well as examined what they could do to curb this from happening in the future.

20 August 2016: One Day Open-Space Event: Malaysia Impian Hari Wanita (The Malaysia Women Dream Of)
AWAM OSTAWAM’s One-Day Open Space Event was held at the Petaling Jaya Community Library where participants were divided into several groups, and using Open Space Technology, discussed various issues that impact women and other marginalised communities within Malaysia, as well as our hopes and dreams for what we see as a truly inclusive and just Malaysia. Huge thanks to People Potential for supporting our one day open-space event! CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS.

27 August 2016: AWAM’s Member Orientation


12 participants attended AWAM’s final orientation of the year. Current AWAM members and staff spoke about AWAM’s background and provided participants with information on our vision, mission, and values, alongside a session for participants to discuss their thoughts about feminism and gender.

3 September 2016: White Ribbon Forum
WRC Forum This was an educational forum which created a space for men to get together to be a part of the White Ribbon Campaign and join the fight to stop violence committed against women. This forum served as a space to discuss issues related to gender violence, gender equality and the actions that need to be taken to end the violence that has become the reality of so many women.


Past Events

2015 Events

23-25 January 2015
AWAM’s Feminist Camp

27 February 2015
Feminist Friday #1: Is Virginity Important?

10 March 2015
International Women’s Day Event: #DefineYourself

20 March 2015
Feminist Friday #2: LGBTQIPA

11 April 2015

17 April 2015
Feminist Friday #3: Sex Education

17-19 April 2015
PER Youth Workshop

10 May 2015
Aiyoh Wat Lah?! Awards

15 May 2015
Feminist Friday #4: Femininity in Feminism

31 May 2015
10th Annual Treasure Hunt

19 June 2015
Feminist Friday #5: Pornography: Exploitation or Empowerment

7 July 2015
Citizens Against Rape: Hentikan Rogol

21 July 2015
Feminist Friday #6: What Makes A Woman?

21 August 2015
Feminist Friday #7: Representations Of Minorities In The Media

22 August 2015

5 September 2015
White Ribbon Forum

18-20 September 2015
PER Concepts and Training of Trainers

10 October 2015
Big Group Meeting On Marital Rape

17 October 2015
White Ribbon Workshop

21 October 2015
Feminist Friday #8: Feminism Is So Over!

21-23 October 2015
PER Workshop for FHRAM

30 October – 1 November 2015
PER Workshop for ALIRAN

6-8 November 2015
PER Workshop for Universiti Malaya

3 November 2015
White Ribbon Press Conference

22 November 2015
AWAM’s White Ribbon Run

5 Dec 2015
16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Workshop:  Linking Power and Gender-Based Violence

2014 Events

2013 Events

19 December 2013
De-coding Public Outrage against Sexual Assault: The Indian experience at AWAM

12 December 2013
Film Screening of “Tanpa Wajah” and “Voice of the Valley” at UM

10 December 2013
Launch of AWAM’s Domestic Violence Video
Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence at Kuala Lumpur

8 December 2013
White RIbbon Campaign Run & Walk 2013

22 November 2013
5th Feminist Friday on the topic of “LGBT (Sexuality)”

10 November 2013
Nationwide Campaign against Domestic Violence at Selangor

25 October 2013
4th Feminist Friday on the topic of “Prostitution vs. Sex Workers”

23 October 2013
Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence at Kedah

19 October 2013
Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence at Bandar Melaka, Melaka

13 October 2013
AWAM and Pixel Project – 3rd Baking Workshop

4-6 October 2013
AWAM Evaluation and Planning 2013

1 October 2013
Pre-launch – White Ribbon Campaign Run & Walk 2013

23 September 2013
Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence Alor Setar, Kedah

20 September 2013
3rd Session of Feminist Friday on the topic of “AGEING”

13 September 2013
Orientation Night for new members

11 September 2013
HELP University Mini Career Fair

7 September 2013
Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence at Ipoh, Perak

25 August 2013
AWAM and Pixel Project – 2nd Baking Workshop

23 August 2013
2nd Session of Feminist Friday on the topic of “Portrayal of Women in the Media”

3 August 2013
Expert Group Meeting on Training Manual

19 July 2013
1st Session of Feminist Friday on the topic of  “Waxing on about Beauty Ideals”

13 July 2013
Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

1 June 2013
PER Open Space Discussion
Meet the Mentors, a collaboration with NCWO

26 May 2013
Aiyoh…Wat Lah?! Awards 2013

11 May 2013
AWAM Open House

8 March 2013
International Women’s Day Event- Exploring the F-Word, Got Consent?

16 February 2013
UNDIMSIAChats 35 : “Yes means Yes!” : because how many times must we say “No!”?

2012 Events