Media Enquiries

AWAM provides media responses on issues related to our core areas of work in gender-based violence and the politicisation of ethnicity and religion. We also provide feminist perspectives on issues of governance and public policy, especially where these relate to democracy and human rights. We welcome media enquiries as well as radio and broadcast interview requests.

Please note that we will need a minimum of 24 hours to respond to requests for media responses. Non-urgent requests that reach us outside office hours will be replied by the next working day.

Please send your enquiries via email to or by using our online contact form. AWAM requires that requests for media responses come to us in writing, and we typically respond with comments in writing.

AWAM Resilient Despite Attacks

Since March 2012, a few individuals and their friends have attempted, through a series of increasingly threatening actions and words, to disrupt activities and events organised or co-organised by AWAM. AWAM’s responses to these are set out below:

16 June 2013: The Updated Timeline and Chronology of Events

26 May 2013: An Open Letter to Our Members – Chronology of Events from 2009 – 2013

26 February 2013 & 23 May 2013:
AWAM condemns the unfair and malicious accusations made against AWAM