1. All AWAM staff and interns are made to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the beginning of their employment/course here in AWAM.


  1. Emails

AWAM’s first line response to the initial email is usually to get the client to call the hotline or set an appointment. Only Services Personnel and Programmes & Operations Manager are privy to the email requests.

We try our best to ensure that the emails received are responded to within a reasonable time frame.


  1. Hotline (calls or texts)

The hotline phone is held by a counsellor/legal pupil who will deal directly with the client. Alternatively, if the counselor/legal pupil is not available, AWAM’s personnel in charge of Services will be in charge of the phone. When AWAM’s personnel answers the phone, they usually get the client to set up an appointment with a counsellor or legal pupil.  At this point, not much details are needed except names and contact numbers.


  1. Documents (case files and filing)

All documents including case notes from counsellor and legal pupil are kept in a locked cupboard, in AWAM Services Room which only selected personnel can enter. These documents would not leave the office, unless in situations of complete necessity/ and with client’s permission.


  1. The only people privy to personal information of the client are:

(1) the counsellor/legal pupil (bound by their professions to confidentiality ethics and they sign AWAM’s Non-Disclosure Agreement NDA).

(2) the AWAM personnel (Services personnel or Programmes & Operation Manager) are privy to personal information but this happens when they directly are involved with the case (if by chance they are no counsellors or legal pupils available) or they are requested by counselor/legal pupil to deal with clients directly (with client’s permission). It is rare that they need to divulge any kind of personal information, nor do they need to pay attention to it. Services personnel focus their attention on problems and solutions and ensuring that the case management process is running smoothly.


  1. In reporting purposes, only gaps in laws/overall counselling needs (no details, just general) and case types  i.e. Sexual Harassment (SH), Domestic Violence (DV), are discussed. There is never a need to discuss personal details, other than age group and state of residence (for statistical analysis).