Vision, Mission & Values

AWAM envisions a just, democratic, and equitable society where all persons, in particular women, are treated with respect and are free from all forms of violence and discrimination.

Based on feminist principles, we seek to achieve our vision by building a movement that informs, connects and mobilises towards:

·         securing women’s rights ,
·         bringing about gender equality,
·         building capacities for women’s empowerment and social transformation ; and,
·         supporting women in crisis.

AWAM operates on the strength of a dynamic and dedicated group of members and staff who shape the direction and policies of the organization.

As a collective, AWAM strongly believes in having an inclusive participatory and empowering organisational culture.
We are guided in our work and decision making by five core values :

1.      collectivism
2.      compassion and respect
3.      courage
4.      equality and justice
5.      integrity

We welcome anyone interested in working towards justice and equality. We are a tax exempt, non-profit organisation established in 1985.