Lochna Menon

Lochna understands that every person is on a personal quest towards making a meaningful existence. A strong believer that strength and power comes in many forms, Lochna is a passionate advocate for women’s human rights (WHR) and feminism. The lure in human rights and feminism, she says, lies in the idea of transformation. “Everyone has the capability to radically transform their lives. The question now is not about ‘who’ but rather ‘how much’? Each person is unique and has unique circumstances. We are not here to judge but rather to equip you with knowledge, tools, and insight so that you can make that conscious decision of when and the extent.”

Lochna has been working in the area of human rights after a brief stint in digital marketing. Currently, she is the Information ad Communications Officer at AWAM. She has also completed her bachelors at Monash University (Malaysia), majoring in International Studies and a minor in Gender Studies.