Gender Briefing for MPs

Date: 13 November 2019

The Ministry of Women (KPWKM) had organized a briefing for Senators and Members of Parliament (MPs) at the Parliament Building – at the behest of Women’s NGOs. AWAM thanks Deputy Minister YB Hannah Yeoh for taking the feedback and acting on it. The 1-hour session was conducted by Ministry Expert, Dr. Jashpal.

AWAM had an opportunity to address the floor just before the session ended and here is what we said (not exactly word for word):

“Gender is more than just about parenting, childcare, marriage, and domestic violence. It is about living life the best we can and recognizing the multi-dimensional lives that people live. There children without parents, mothers who are the sole breadwinners, single-parent families where fathers play a huge role.

What we would like every MP and senator to take home today is what can you do for your ministry, for your community, for your constituents?

It’s been 62 years since Merdeka, independence and we still do not recognize that men can be raped. Gender issues cannot be placed solely on KPWKM’s shoulders. Every ministry must look into this.”