Want to be part of AWAM’s Staff?

AWAM is seeking new talents to join our dynamic and driven team, passionate about creating a just and equitable society.

Candidates who have worked with non-governmental organisations are strongly encouraged to apply.

Assistant Finance & Admin Officer
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Key responsibilities:
1. Provide administrative support to the Finance & Admin, Assistant Manager in the day-to-day running of the office and ensuring that they are in line with the AWAM’s principles, policies and objectives.
2. Responsible for the day-to-day planning, coordination and logistics of the AWAM Centre.
3. Provide support to ensure the successful management and implementation of fundraising events and ad-hoc events.
4. Offer administrative support to the different priority areas.

Information Communications Officer
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Key responsibilities:
1. Media and Publicity
2. Publications: Coordinate the production of AWAM’s publications, including the annual report, monthly newsletters to members and programme/organisational brochures. Where required, to edit reports, articles and proposals for clarity.
3. Social Media: Coordinate AWAM’s social media platforms, including facebook, twitter and youtube. This includes posting information related to AWAM’s work on the social media platforms and engaging with users.
4. Website: Update and maintain AWAM’s website, including writing and uploading relevant content on the website.
5. Resource Library: Maintain AWAM’s library by ensuring that books are entered into the e-database, coordinate purchase of books, and ensuring the library is kept in order.
6. Branding: Coordinate projects that deal with AWAM’s overall brand and image. This includes short films/documentaries, logo development etc.
7. Research: Research on issues relevant to AWAM’s work for the development of press releases, and other written communications products.
8. Advocacy: Produce AWAM position statements on key advocacy issues; Building and strengthening of relationships with state and non-state actors in advancing AWAM’s advocacy work; Assist in the planning and coordination of advocacy campaigns.
9. Assist in the coordination of any other campaigns/events as necessary.

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