Malaysia: Impian Wanita Hari Ini



The Malaysia Women Dream Of - One-day OST

The 31st August and 16th September are important dates for Malaysians – these are the dates that we remember and celebrate our nation, and to reflect upon what it means to be citizens and members of a nation that was founded to be democratic, diversive, progressive, moderate and just.

However, our dreams of such a nation seem just that – a dream.

Are you tired of the spiraling state of this nation? Are you needing a deep, rich conversation with others like you who hold a feminist version of a just and truly democratic society?

AWAM’s Membership Development Committee is hosting a one-day Open Space event to create space for the sort of conversations you long to have.

Join us at the PJ Community Library on 20 August 2016, from 9AM to 5:30PM (Registration starts at 8:30AM) to engage in high-participatory conversations about The Malaysia Women Dream of.

Register before the 16th August 2016 @

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