AWAM’s August Feminist Friday: Representation of Minorities in the Media


Media is an incredibly important tool in today’s society and, as such, has a huge impact on those who consume it. The ways in which it can affect the way we see ourselves as well as others are endless.

A recurring problem within the media industry is the lack of representation of minorities. Think about your favorite tv show or movie. Pick up a magazine. How many people identify as queer? How many people defy what’s seen as the “ideal” body size? How many people are from different ethnic backgrounds?

Join us at the AWAM Centre on Friday, August 21st @ 7pm for a discussion on representation of minorities in the media and what we can do to be more cognizant of what we’re watching and reading on a daily basis. ‪#‎RepresentationMatters‬

RSVP with Yong Yi at or 03-7877-4221 if you would like to join!

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