e-WAVES Issue #2 November 2013: Dreams That Used To Be

Dreams That Used To Be by Sabrina Aripen

I used to dream of a life uncomplicated
As straight as the path that leads to home
No hills, no bends, no twists and turns
A life, a fairytale, fit for a tome

I used to dream of a love undying
Of sweetness, shared commitments, of respect
Of sunny kitchens and wide open spaces
Of the sound of children and laughter that infects

I used to dream of living the high life
Of suits and an office facing the sea
Like a bird I would soar, so high and so far
This is my aspiration, this I would be

But my dreams lay shattered and burnt into ash
My shoulders are burdened with expectations
Oh woe is me, because I am but a woman
In a world where patriarchy still exists

She came to me one night in a dream,
The girl I should have been but left behind
Accepted by society, but she‘s in a bind
Her wants, her needs, her aspirations sacrificed

I have to wash, clean and cook, she says
I am a wife, a mother, an employee, a homemaker too
I wish I had ten hands and legs, she moans to me
What would you do dearie, if you were me?

I dreamt of perfection, but I could never be
All I ever wanted was to be free
Why do you shout and scream at me so
I am not just a woman, I am more

I dreamt of sweetness, of wishes come true
But alas, dreams are just dreams, replaceable with the new
Like a sunset fusing red, orange and blue
Time passes us by, we could never redo

We could choose to be just a brick in the wall
One of many, no different from all
Or we could we choose to be who we wanted to be
For life is too short to remain in malady.

WRITER’S PROFILE: Sabrina Melisa Aripen is the co-founder of Borneo Youth Revolution, a movement of youths focusing on various issues in Sabah, Malaysia. She loves working on Human Rights issues, and has a special passion for women’s issues & feminism.

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