e-WAVES # 1 : First Poem

First Poem by Indraveni.K

The Good & loyal Daughter,
The Dutiful wife,
The bearable Daughter in law,
the Kind, patient, ever loving mom


Every social situation we’re in, we are Labelled.

We are looked at as providers,
we are expected to cook, clean and love,
we are a source of pleasure & desire
we are looked at as sex objects
every step we take,
we are watched,
from head to toe,
our waist-hip ratio crudely scrutinised,


If this ratio is desirable,
those eyes dilate,
the mind starts ticking,
the desire starts arousing
and the brain,
stops functioning.


the beast within him unleashes
he pounces on the woman,
seizes control over her body
takes possession over it,
makes it his own.


forces himself on to her, in to her,
and invades her deepest most private corners of herself.
sometimes, he brings along his beastly friends,
and they take turns,
going at her
using her body as an outlet for self satisfaction.


When will we women be looked at as people?
As beings with emotions, senses and feelings.


When will we be looked at with love?
When will we be looked at with kindness and compassion?
When will be looked at with care?


Dear men,
you are brothers, husbands, sons and fathers,


we ask, we plead, we beg
Let us Be.



Indraveni.K is a businesswoman who is discovering the wonders of being a woman with each passing day. She is torn between being a businesswoman & travelling the world. But any time there’s a cheap ticket, she’s off discovering foreign lands. As a woman traveller  she loathes the thought of being harmed because of what her sex is.


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