e-WAVES: Exploring the F-Word

Reviving WAVES really started because  of our shared love of  AWAM and the WAVES newsletter, which in the 90’s courageously published articles about then-controversial issues like female masturbation, AIDs and sexuality. e-WAVES is really a tribute to the former editorial collective and the Malaysian feminist movement; how inspirational this movement is and how incredibly hopeful it makes us. 

And now we’ve finally made it! We had a terrible fear that no one would want to write for us (“e-Waves? What? No, thanks!”) but we received amazing pieces and came to the realization that there’s a writer in each and every one of us – we sometimes just don’t have the right platform to express it.
As writers whose skills has largely been fossilised from disuse, it was such a delight to unpack our rusty old pens, throw them away, and use Microsoft Word again. Part of the pleasure came from writing about something that is relevant to the women, and hopefully is relevant to other women as well. We hope you pore over e-WAVES as excitedly as we have and that something in there inspires you to unpack your rusty old pens too.

It’s been an exhilarating journey from start to finish – but we feel like we’ve only just begun. We’re already excitedly chattering about the next e-WAVES issue, scheduled for the last quarter of the year. We do hope that this publication will spur the women and men of Malaysia to start thinking deeply about gender and sexuality issues and how these issues can affect the women around them. Until next time, goodbye and enjoy reading our humble little e-publication.

Find the first issue of our e-newsletter here.

The e-WAVES Editorial Collective for this issue consists of Milan Sadhwani, Hew Li-Sha, Payal Sadhwani and Sumithra Durai. 


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