AWAM’s Press Statement

Since March 2012 AWAM has been under attack by a group of people who are unhappy over the election of an individual as an office bearer of AWAM.

It is clear and apparent to AWAM that all efforts by AWAM to act in good faith in resolving the matter has been manipulated and that the group is creating a media circus over the issue and not only dragging AWAM but also organizations associated with AWAM into a trial by media.

The matter as AWAM sees it is in respect of a single matter that is the appointment of an individual as an office bearer of AWAM.    This in clearly evident by the fact that the attacks by the group only began upon the election of the office bearer which is a good 20 months after the mediation efforts by AWAM in a private matter involving the individual concerned.  The group is now blowing the matter out of proportion and questioning the mediation efforts of AWAM which acted in good faith on the matter and the conclusion of which was not questioned or brought in issue for 20 months.

In respect of the appointment of the individual concerned as an office bearer, AWAM’s stand is as follows:

  1. The individual was nominated and seconded for the post by members of AWAM as provided in AWAM’s Constitution.
  2. The election of office bearers was held at an AGM of AWAM and all requirements under AWAM’s Constitution were complied with.
  3. The individual was duly elected unopposed as an office bearer at the AGM.
  4. The outgoing Exco of AWAM has no powers to reject or oppose the nomination of a candidate which nomination is in compliance with AWAM’s Constitution.
  5. The Constitution of AWAM is silent on the ability of the outgoing Exco of AWAM to support or oppose any nomination.
  6. By convention, the outgoing Exco of AWAM does not play any active role in the appointment of the new office bearers to preserve the independence of the election of office bearers by members to lead them in the new term.

In the circumstances, any assertion that the outgoing Exco of AWAM should have rejected or opposed the nomination of the individual is not justified as the outgoing Exco of AWAM does not have the power to do so.

The group in attacking AWAM has, in the opinion of AWAM, not acted in good faith.  They have engaged in bullying tactics by disrupting events organized by AWAM and also by organizations associated to AWAM.  The group has also resorted to unauthorised recording of telephone conversations and internal AWAM meetings which AWAM considers to be grossly unethical.

In the latest turn of events the group attempted to disrupt an event organized by an organization associated with AWAM and only backed off upon the agreement by AWAM to meet with them.

In discussions leading to the meeting, the group insisted on terms and conditions which in AWAM’s opinion were contrary to the spirit and intention of the meeting.  These demands have evolved to threats and bullying which AWAM cannot and will not succumb to.

AWAM has time and again reiterated its desire to engage in a friendly meeting with all parties concerned to resolve the matter.  Regrettably, all AWAM’s efforts have been in vain and there does not appear to be any desire of the group to amicably settle the matter. On the contrary, every effort by AWAM is being manipulated and used to corner and bully AWAM into engaging in a media circus.

This has to stop and AWAM has made a decision that it will not engage in any further discussion on the matter unless it is done with good faith and with the expressed intention of amicably resolving the matter.

AWAM calls on all parties concerned to act with decency and decorum and not to disrupt public events which are organized for the good of all in general and women in particular.


To view chronology of events, please refer to our website at


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